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CHURCH NEWS – Nov 27, 2019

Nov 27, 2019
Holy Trinity’s web address is

-Rev Deacon Luanne-306-782-0018
                                        -People’s Warden Evan Simpson-306-621-9437
                               -Office:-306-786-7131 (usually office hours are Tues-Fri-2-5)


With Thanks!
We pray to God in times of stress
But when in realms of happiness
Do we find time to stop, and say…
“Thank You, god, for a perfect day!”   Elizabeth Gozney

Services may be subject to change
–be it Reserved Sacrament (RS), Morning Prayer (MP) or
Holy Communion (HC)
Church Services- 10:30
Sunday School at 10:30

followed by coffee time & fellowship.

Weds Evening Advent Service with St Paul Lutheran church begins
                    Nov. 27th at 7:00 pm at St Paul

Dec. 1-Advent 1-MP-Janet & Evan
            Isaiah 2:1-5   Romans 13:11-14   Matthew 24:36-44
     Dec. 4      Weds AdventHoly Trinity at 7:00

Dec 8-Advent 2- HC-Bishop Rob Hardwick
            Isaiah 11:1-10   Romans 15:4-13   Matthew 3:1-12
      Dec 11-Weds Advent  at 7:00 pm at St Paul

Dec. 15-Advent 3-HC-Rev Cheryl
            Isaiah 35:1-10   James 5:7-10   Matthew 11:2-11
      Dec. 18      Weds AdventHoly Trinity at 7:00

Dec 22-Advent 4-Lessons & Carols
                  Hot Pot luck to follow service

Dec. 24-7:30-Christmas Eve-HC-Rev Cheryl

       No Service on Dec 25th-you are invited to join St Paul Lutheran Church at 10:00 am on this day

Dec. 29-Christmas 1-MP-Janet & Evan
            Isaiah 63:7-9              Hebrews 2:10-18   Matthew 2:13-23

Sunday School:  10:30
ACW : 1st Monday of the month (Joyce-306 783-4209)  Dec 2
Altar Guild: meets every 2nd month on the fourth Mon at 1:30 (Luanne-306-782-0018Dec 2
Choir: (Judy-306 782-1531)  
Holy Trinity Brothers: 1st Sat of the month at 9:00 am for breakfast & fellowship- all men are welcome                 
                      Next get together at Grumpy’s Dec 7
Vestry:  second Thurs of the month @6:30- Dec 12

Forward Day By Day booklet- on the back bookcase

Salvation Army Food Bank: Help is needed if you wish to volunteer your services please phone: Maria-306-621-8688 or Captain Sam-306-783-4650.
Hours are: Tues-10:1; Weds 12-2; Thurs 10-1    Located on Booth St.

-Regina Hospital ChaplainAnyone who is being admitted to hospital in Regina and would
                  like a clergy visit, please phone the Hospital Chaplain at 535-3115.

Eyeglasses: Please donate your used eyeglasses to our box on the shelf of the envelope cupboard in the Narthex--the full lens and frame is required. These are repaired and cleaned and given to people who are in need of glasses


Church Helpers:We are updating our helpers list-re: Reader (Ken Grazier), Prayers (Lois Smandych), LCA, Sidespeople-please let the office -306-786-7131- know if you would like to be a part of one or more of these positions or if you are unable to continue in the position you are now doing.

The Vestry will buy the whole farm! through PWRDF for $450.00. The congregation is invited to participate with any amount of a donation. At present the government is matching 6:1 dollar amount for these donations. 
Envelopes are on the back bookcase

The Giving of Hope Tree-help decorate the tree with toques, mitts etc. for the schools and with baby items, small kitchen items (muffin tins, cookie sheet), toiletries, colouring books etc. for Shelwin House. Tree will be up until Jan 5th.

Nov. 30ACW Christmas Tea and Bake Sale  2-4
Raffle tickets for a Christmas turkey and a hamper basket $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

Community Events

Mon Dec 2 & Tues Dec 3: once again Holy Trinity is helping with the Kettles in the Mall with 2 hour shifts from 10-6.

Dec 7: St Paul Christmas Tea and Bake Sale-2-4

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